The sanity of the day


Artist: Mimmo Roselli
“Silk Map”
55 Venice Biennale
Pavilion Venezia

Outside: First it connects sky to earth, then you look closely and the sane notion allows you to go even further by following the lines. One of them goes differently allowing you to move in a different way, with tradition, in integrity and posture. The “Contains space” in Venice Pavilion “Silk Map” of Mimmo Roselli is extremely inward oriented piece of meditative work. First you see the lines behind the face, only to recognize the face itself after that. The lines give you a thought suggestive pattern. Willingly or not you find yourself strung in a more delicate frame of mind, where thoughts are born.
Inside: Spinning world – lines connect in obviously possible perspective regarding the silk roads both ideal and real.

By Nia Pushkarova

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