Still now is then forever by Andy Broadey


Still now is then forever Andy Broadey | Frances Richardson   Artists Talk was on: 24/02/15 4-5 pm The series of photographs entitled Still is a palimpsest that, according to Andy Broadey, uses the photographic documentation to exhibit “the sedimentation of historical form”. Photography here works as an artistic take on the psychoanalytic “mystic writing pad” of [...]


“The advantages of speaking foreign languages” или „Място под слънцето”


This piece is a continuation of the discussion done during WTAF 2014 with artists and cultural operators form Europe and beyond on the topic of the future of artist run initiatives. In 2014 during WTAF we initiated a debate on the topic of future of alternative artist run initiatives If it was for having more [...]

Creative Industries in Former Industrial Buildings in Sofia


Location choices of creative industries have been a major concern both for policy makers and academic researchers during the last two centuries. The contribution to economic growth and employment (Scott, 2004; KEA, 2006) of creative industries is one of the main reasons for the attention towards them. Another motive is their central role in the [...]


When and how it all started


Short history of the project – artist’s initiative for the period 2006-2009 Since 2006 NGO – IME ( has initiated art events around and in the abandoned and neglected for decays Water tower (currently not in use) in the area of Lozenetz – Sofia and also the train station Poduene 2007. The first year [...]

Still Standpoint gallery talk


Still (2013) Presentation at the Museum of Socialist Art  22nd June 2013 I’m going to talk today in relation to my project Still. […] I want to talk to you about the work both in relation to the thinking that informs my practice, the architectural structure of Buzludja and socio-historical context to which this building [...]


Sites of Desire


Considering derelict urban spaces as metaphor for escapism and reflection In his unfinished collection of writings on the city life of Paris the Arcades Project¹ (Passagenwerk, 1927 – 1940), Walter Benjamin asserted that the modern city is experienced in a passive state of distraction. This suggests a coping mechanism for everyday life: a perceived need [...]

The sanity of the day


Artist: Mimmo Roselli “Silk Map” 55 Venice Biennale Pavilion Venezia Outside: First it connects sky to earth, then you look closely and the sane notion allows you to go even further by following the lines. One of them goes differently allowing you to move in a different way, with tradition, in integrity and posture. The [...]



When politics of the day is very weak, we lose our confidence in future, the French philosopher Alain Badiou says. At such moments art becomes very important as a means to trust the future, even if we cannot see it. Art creates fragments of space-time. A new world cannot be made from this, but a [...]


Artist-run initiatives


There are probably more artists working now than at any time in history. If you add all the artists emerging from all the BA Fine Art, BA Art & Design, Art Academies, MFA and Ph.D programmes in art practice around the world, plus all those who are not formally trained, the global numbers are staggering. [...]


Sofia City Bar


The first time I arrived in Sofia about three years ago, the young architects Maria Petkowa and Desislava Nencheva welcomed me at the airport. Mario (Hostel Lavele) drove us by his own car to the center of Sofia. Downtown the first thing I noticed was the really fresh air. From my own experience – I [...]

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